About Us – Our Process & The Team Of RelyClick.Com!

What is Relyclick?

Many thanks for spending your time to know about us. We are a young, energetic 15th member team working on this website. Our main goal is to ensure that world consumers buy the right, genuine and useful products. RelyClick.Com expertise in baseball, tennis, paintball, and others sports…

What rely click behind team does?

Before recommending you the best of the best products, the relyclick‘s team spends tons of hours topically (50 to 60 hours) and does the hard work to make the final decision and super-round up a shortlist for every consumer’s goods.

First of all, we focus on every product’s features if it fits with the requirements and then makes a shortlist of top rating products. After analyzing at least 100+ reviews, We came up with the final recommended shortlist.

And then, next, we participate in other niches relevant forums, groups, and communities. However, our specialized writers take care of all the content categories. After finishing all these, our chief editors make sure the quality and publish on the web. We must follow the following process, step by step.

What Does Rely Click Team Do?

Research Market
key features Identification
products Selection

Reviews Analyzing
Manual testing
Forum and Group Conversation

Buying guide
Ranking Short List
Final Analyzing by Experts

Which categories of Product We review?

We are an expert team of specific categories, specific Critics, writers, and bloggers on this website. So that you can get quality review articles from the experts. Right now, we are covering the following categories area below.

Sports: Sports categories handle only sports critic & sports writer

Baseball: In sports categories, we have specific baseball specialist critic bloggers.

Tennis: Tennis related blog published by only tennis critic writer

Shoes & boots: Our shoe & boot advisors write on shoes and boots topics. They are blogging in this category only because they love it.

Chairs: Chair is a lovely topic to review,

Tools: tools are a very difficult topic to review, but we did it very well because the expert tools master did it nicely.

Necessary Tips and Advice: Based on experience, we also share important tips and advice to the readers to understand everything.

Where We collect trustworthy info?

We research all the big eCommerce shops like amazon, eBay, Alibaba, brand websites, product descriptions. All writers and bloggers are always active on topic-related forums, social media groups, and other communities. The bloggers are actively writing on their specific niche all time.

Our ethics

We never compromise with Enjoying the real product’s services. We promise to provide 100% original and authentic reviews for our readers that every consumer loves and enjoys buying goods from our smart picks.

What will you find in our articles?

At the beginning of every article, we put an engaging intro of products and share our experience based on the audience’s intent. And then appeared an informative table of roundup products review list with key points.

And then next, you will find every product’s review of each item. Also, We include buyer’s guide advice and tips in the below roundup reviews.

At the end of the articles, you will find a FAQ section for the topic.

Do manufacturers pay us?

NO, We don’t receive any money or benefits from manufacturers. We publish only honest and unbiased reviews for our sweet readers. Mainly we are reader-supported. We earn from every qualified purchase by the amazon associates program.

RelyClick is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. That means we are fully free to choose any manufacturer’s products that are good to review.

Have Anything else that you want isn’t on RelyClick.Com???

Still, if you didn’t find any important information, we would request you to mail at hello@relyclick.com or use our contact us a page contact form with your valued notice.

Meet With The Team

HayadarFounder & Operations Manager


Lija – Content Manager


MonirReviewer & Blogger


Samran – The Baseball Critic

Asma – Researcher & Blogger

MahfuzTop Reviewer


Jakir – Chief Editor

Sadia – QA Engineer

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