Top 5 Best locking gas cap for 2023

The perfect and best gas cap can save your life. Don’t believe it?? Here is why and how perfect gas caps can save your life:

Most probably you may be familiar with, “leak in the gas tank” and the result you may have heard is “boom!”, a very low and deep sound that causes massive destruction.

However, those explosions may not occur frequently. But the fact is, at any time you can be the victim of such mishaps cause misfortune never comes alone.

Don’t worry, we are here to save your life. Now the question is “How?”. Here are the reasons why you should read our article and buy the best locking gas cap.

In the United States, millions of people use gas tanks for different purposes such as in their vehicles, in their houses, and in several places.

Last few years hundreds of people have died due to the explosion of gas tanks. Most of the accidents occurred related to vehicles and in the residential area.

Investigation always described that the reasons behind the scenario were high-pressure pipelines, high voltage power lines. The system fails when gas caps become unstable and lose their power.

This is why you need to focus on the products that are given below and also these are known best for their best features, quality, and stability.

Top 5 best locking gas cap

1. Stant 10504 Locking Fuel Cap

Stant 10504 Locking Fuel Cap
  • control emission
  • More than one key
  • Lost Motion feature
  • Torque Override feature
  • OE Vacuum relief system
  • Green Diesel Fuel Only caps
  • Having no leak
  • Lightweights and  breakaway groove

Stant, one of the most renowned companies also known as a world leader in the design and manufacturing of vapor management systems, fuel delivery services with Engineering service.

Stant provides the best locking gas cap for couple of years. And the quality of their products is incomparable with others cause they provide an innovative solution to their customers.

All their activities on three different lines: Automotive OEM, Industrial, and Aftermarket.

As we mentioned before that Stant locking gas caps come with OEM quality for the construction of the product body and the material. This quality also helps to deter fuel theft and vandalism.

Stant gas caps have some extraordinary functions like safeness, fuel economy, and reduce emission.

When it comes to safeness Stant locking gas caps are uncompromisable. You know without a fuel cap, vapors will be produced there which is called gasoline vapors.

These gasoline vapors cause some spark or flame which are very dangerous for any vehicle or any other place.

In fuel economy, these locking gas caps will help you much. The question is “How?”. Now see the report that mentions without locking a gas cap, consider a vehicle, allow 22 gallons of gasoline.

These gasoline evaporate over the time of one year. Now you may understand why these locking gas caps help to save your economy.

Again when we talk about emission, the environment must come in there. This is because emission occurred in the environment that is harmful to the human being.

These best locking gas caps reduce the production of gasoline vapors which means prevention of hydrocarbons that dissolve in the ozone layer and damage the layer, also produce smog.

So, with these gas caps, you may prevent the pollution of our environment.

Gas caps specially Stant gas caps are available for the consumers to use with their vehicles that protect from being stolen of fuel.

These are only aftermarket gas caps that include all the safety features. These caps prevent fuel vapors from the fuel system under normal operating conditions.

These locking gas caps also allow pressure to release when the vapor management system malfunctions. Now lost motion and breakaway groove are the two awesome features behind the recognition.

The “Lost Motion” feature of gas caps allows handling some freedom to turn while maintaining a seal. This feature prevents the leakage of fuel tanks during any crash or accident.

Breakaway Groove also helps to prevent the leakages of fuel tanks in the crash. This feature adds extra protection for safeness. So, these caps surely the most competitive element in the market.

Torque Override, an extra feature that helps for the proper installation. These features make an audible click since the o-ring seals the gas cap which is properly compressed.

The Diesel Fuel feature is unique cause you will find this feature nowhere in the market. This works to prevent accidental fuel contamination.

Locking gas caps has fill tubes that are used to relieve the vapors from the fuel system. This alternative path helps to flow air into the tank so that no obstruction in the vapor management systems.

Again it helps to normalize air pressure during vacuum conditions.


  • Have original equipment and good performance 
  • Leakless which saves gallons of gas
  • Manufactured with OEM 
  • Quality materials used 
  • Locking material reliable from any vandalism
  • vapor management system


  • Size can be mattered 
  • Some few diagnostics 
  • Have some terrible for fresher user 

2. Gates 31838 Fuel Tank Cap

Gates 31838 Fuel Tank Cap
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • Fit both shallow and deep cam filler necks
  • Zinc-plated and dichromate dipped
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Made from rugged plastic
  • Two-way action: pressure relief/vacuum relief valve 
  • Chrome-plated on the exterior part

Gates, a well-known company, for fluid power products and services. They have been around ous more than hundreds of years.

With qualities and sustainable products, they have been winning people’s minds from the beginning. Also, the products that are supplied always get a perfect fit.

So, they always get a special icon in customers’ eyes for their comfortable price and quality products.

Gates come with some heavy-duty construction, fuel caps, that are  OE(Original Equipment).

These locking gas caps or fuel caps fit for both shallow and filler necks that are vented, non-vented, and vented anti-surge.

Zinc-plated and dichromate add some more specialty for these fuel or gas caps. For these, fuel caps are corrosion resistant. Also, some of them are made of plastic. But they are always special.

Two special systems are the pressure relief valve and the vacuum relief valve system provides some fresh air into the fuel tank which works when fuel fumes escape from the tank. Fuel resistance rubbers protect the seals.

The exterior part of these fuel caps or gas caps are covered with chrome-plated. This layer is added to the material by removing all dirt, oil, paint, and rust. So it increases the surface hardness of the caps and also increases the corrosion resistance.

At the end of this process, the caps become purely decorated and also bear the witness of the maintenance process.

These gas caps have a grove ring around them which helps to put the original tether on them. Also, drill out the hole in the top of the handle if want to install the tether.

But it’s cheap than any other cause the knobs are not made with solid plastic. So, it’s recommended not to do that.

One of the best locking gas caps because these caps fit in different vehicles. These fuel caps work on 2010 jeep patriot sport, 2012 Subaru outback, 2009 Mitsubishi Galant, 2012 Subaru Forester, and so on.

Consumers reviews these gas caps that using them gives you no “Gas Cap” warnings or “Check Engine Lights” comings on so. This gives extra of Gates fuel caps. 


  • Stop annoying Check Engine Lights
  • No complexity and easy installation
  • Affordable price 
  • Effective seal around the cap 
  • Clicking sound good
  • Have grove ring for the tether 
  • Durable and save fuel
  • Corrosion resistance 


  • Drill out the hold to install the tether can be risky 
  • Sometimes could not eliminate error messages

3. Gates 31836 Locking Fuel Tank Cap

Gates 31836 Locking Fuel Tank Cap
  • Dimension: 2.72×6.02×4.41
  • OEM specifications
  • State emission requirements
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Weight : 3 ounce 

Gates always comes with some unique products and the fuel caps are not acceptable from them. Gates 318336 locking fuel tank cap or gas cap is very easy to install and has a very low weight.

Through our research, Gates 318336 comes out cause we like this product. It has two square keys. Just place the keys on the caps and turn it until the click.

Only when you want to unlock the tank then the key is needed.

To speak about fitness it’s just awesome. It fits many vehicles and works properly.

This fuel cap also has OEM specification which means all  equipments are original.

The seal can be made very tight without applying much force. The overall locking and unlocking system are very comfortable and easy and the keys are reliable for security.

However, this fuel cap has state emission requirements which means it fulfills the government standards for vehicle emission.


  • Easy to install and easy to use 
  • Have multiples keys 
  • Fit with many vehicles
  • Have a warranty for this product 
  • Have State emission requirements 
  • Secure than others 
  • Control seal easily 


  • No cable to keep it tethered to cars  
  • Sometimes the product becomes discontinuous by the manufacture.

4. Stant 10508 Locking Fuel Cap

Stant 10508 Locking Fuel Cap
  • OEM quality materials 
  • Multiples Keys
  • High quality locking for security 
  • Lost Motion feature
  • Breakaway Groove 
  • Torque Override
  • Green “Diesel Fuel Only” caps

Stant has constracted this gas cap with OEM(Original Equapment Manufacturer) quality materials. As well as their service gives extra security in terms of fuel theft and vandalism.

Here you will find three very important functions namely safety of the vehicle’s occupants, fuel economy, and reduce emissions. These functions has a little bit different than others which makes it eye-catchy.

When its come to talk about the safety of vehicle’s occupants Stan caps are best. We give much effort througth our research for the safety of the driver.

Most importantly this gas cap tester compares electronically compares the pressure integrity level against a pre-set standard. If it exceeds the standard lavel then it is passed. If not then replace. So, this makes more  protections for the vehicles drivers.

 Again this gas cap protects the environment through its super control power. As we can see it prevents the gasoline vapors to spread out in the car which creates a spark or flame and later on “boom!”.

In fuel economy Stant gas caps are the most suitable because it prevents to create 22 gasoline to evaporate over a cestain period of time. This gas cap saves a huge amount of fuel from being waste which is awesome.

Stants gas cap reduce the harmful gases emissions. Research of “Sun Oil Company” shows that without a gas cap 22 gallons of fuel evaporate within one year. This evaporates gasoline is called gasoline vapors.

Frequently this vapor emits hydrocarbons which is very harmful to human beings and cause many dangerous diseases. Moreover this hydrocarbon destroys ozone later that pollutes our environment.

However, this cap is able to vacuum pressure relife and always keep a normal pressure into the fuel tanks. The vapors which are produced into the fuel tanks can be blazed with a single spark.

Therefore, a vacuum relief tubes protect you from a big distruction. 


  • Sustainable and robust 
  • Easy to installation 
  • Have safety equipment
  • Protect from harmful gas emission
  • High-security system 
  • Affordable price 
  • Fit for many vehicles  


  • The design may not suitable 
  • Have some complexity in locking system

5. Stant 10524 Locking Fuel Cap

Stant 10524 Locking Fuel Cap
  • OEM Quality Materials
  • Breakaway Groove option
  • Torque Override option
  • Green “Diesel Fuel Only” cap
  • vapor management systems
  • Multiple keys

We have spent thousands of hours in researching these products and finally found the Stant 10524 locking fuel cap with OEM quality materials, safety features, Torque Overried feature, Breakaway Groove feature, and so on.

Sometimes security becomes the main issue if so then Stant 10524 is the best fuel cap for you.

Always be free because this fuel cap will save your fuel for 24 hours from theft and vandalism. The locking and unlocking systems are very reliable.

Unique cap because this is the only cap in the market the has valving system of the original equipment cap.

Save your fuel tank from being high pressurized. The vlaving system keeps the tank normal because it allows a path to remove the pressure and give chance find a normal pressure fuel tank.

In any accident or crash there is a chance of damaging the fuel tank, if so than Stant 10524 has Breakaway Groove. It saves the fuel tank from being damage or any kinds of leakage during crash.

Torque Override produce an unique audible click sound which means the o-ring compressed the cap accuractly. It ensures that no more gas or fuel leaking will occure.

This Green “Diesel Fuel Only” cap prevents the accidental fuel contamination.

Vapor management system keeps the fuel tank normal in pressure and save from explotion.


  • Durable and strong equipment
  • High-security system
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price 
  • Pressure realising system 
  • Protect fuel tank from any crash


  • Don’t support for all the vehicles 
  • Quality is overall

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do locking gas caps really work?

Yes, they do work. Locking gas caps protect your vehicle’s fuel from being stolen. Though a gas cap is nothing to a fuel theft but at the same time none will try to cut the tank box for the seek of fuel.

And a fuel has several features. So, you will get all the features when you use a locking gas cap such as these caps prevent the high pressure that is created into the fuel tanks.

2. How do I install a locking gas cap?

To install the locking gas cap first buy a gas cap. After that put the cap on the adjust point and then rotate cap to the RIGHT unite cap ratchet clicks for three times. This simple procedure help you to install a locking gas cap.

3. How can I protect my gas from being stolen?

Firstly, park your vehicle ina position so that the fuel tank or the door is seen from the main road. This will help you to prevent the frequently attacks.

Secondly, use a locking gas cap for your fule or gas tank. To protect your gas or fuel a locking gas cpa has no alternative. No one will stole your fuel by cutting the tank or making a hole on the tank cause this is almost impossible to avoid the looks.

4. Where can I get a locking gas cap?

There are many market place where you will get the locking gas caps. Such as, Amazon is the biggest market place where you will find all shorts of products.

5. How long do gas caps usually last?

Generally, a gas cap is designed to last for 100,000 miles. But it depends on how the moisture increase into the tank. The seals start to dry out and the result break it apert from the body.

6. How do I know if my gas cap is bad?

Always focus on these points to detect a failing gas cap:
It never fit with the vehicles. Usually, one of the common symptom caps doesn’t go with the body.

Secondly, a continuous smell of fuel will spread out. This is because there is one or more leakage on the gas cap.
You can’t set the Check Engine Light. When the system detects the leak, it will set the Check Engine Light off which means you need to remove the gas cap. 

Final Verdict :

In this content, we have tried to give you the best locking gas caps. Thousands of hours spent behind the research. From a huge collection, we have selected top 5 best gas caps according to their features, reviews, rating, and price rate.

Talking about security, these locking gas caps always free from that problem and once you get start to use these gas caps, you will never get back.

Always worry about crash or accident!! These locking gas caps will help you to protect the tank in that situation.

When high pressure create into the tank, at that time, a high risk create. But don’t worry these gas cpas has vacuum management system which release the high pressure and keeps the fuel always in a normal pressure.

Get multiple keys with these locking gas caps. So, you have some extra features on your hands. Besides, the installation and maintenance are both easy. 

From the review section, you can see that people always get the best feedback after using these locking gas caps.

Moreover, the price is within anyone reach. None will be betrayed by using these caps.

Also these top 5 locking gas caps has warranty too. And also you will get money back guarantee if the product is damaged. But people don’t need that because the quality is bit more high than you think.

So, what are you waiting for just click on the links and but your desirable one. And we wish you all the best for your products.

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