8 Best Outfield Baseball Gloves: Good & Top Rated Glove for Youth

The importance of outfielder in baseball is huge.  An expert outfielder can help to win a game that doesn’t feel winnable. The most necessary thing for an outfielder is the glove. Because catching a small fast moving ball in the bare hand hurts, so every baseball player  wears gloves, which makes catching easier and less painful.

There are  some differences between outfielder and infielder gloves. Outfield gloves are designed in such a way so that it can help outfielders to make defense against opposition hitters. The main responsibility of outfielders is catching fly balls as well as fielding hits into the outfield.

There is a deep pocket which makes it easier to catch the fly balls tightly. There is also a specialized webbing which helps outfielders to keep track of a fly ball in the sun. If you are looking for the best baseball gloves on the market, you are in the right place.

Here we have made a buying guide for you. We have tested a lot of samples in our own lab and also taken advice from professionals. Our buying guide can help you choose the right glove. Then why late? Let’s find out about the 10 best and most interesting baseball gloves of the time.

Reviewed of 8 Best Outfield Baseball Gloves for Youth

1. Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove 

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

In the field of sports, the most known and famous brand is Wilson for a good reason. If you don’t hear the name of the brand “Wilson”, it only means that you are very new to baseball and looking for information on outfield gloves. Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is creating and distributing the best quality products throughout the century. The product works fine whether you are an amateur or pro.   

The main reason for the groundbreaking popularity of the Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove is its Blonde Pro Stock Leather features, which is the finest among all. If you want an excellent that delivers exceptional performance, undoubtedly, this brand is super perfect for you. You can always buy this product without giving it a thought. 

This glove  provides excellent comfort for an extended period. Outfielders, like  lesser rebound and great fit, can keep this product in the first choice list.

There is  a six fingers web/palm feature in the latest version of Wilson A2000. Besides that, both right hand and left-hand throw versions are available in the market. 

The latest wilson glove has got the present state through a lot of improvements. Using quality materials and delivering unmatched performance is one of the main reasons for its sky high popularity. The construction of the gloves is also dependable. Seamless stitching gives the gloves notable longevity.

2. Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove

Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove

If you want a high-quality outfield glove at a reasonable price a top-end choice can be the Rawlings Mike Trout Pro. This product is very popular among intermediate and expert players. It is a 12.75 glove and it can be bought for either hand. From the beginning, this brand provides baseball players with high-end materials which help the player to perform exceptional performance in the field. The Rawling Pro provides seamlessly knit leather that helps the players to play in a versatile way. Breathability and the ability to keep the moisture away give the player a comfortable environment while playing. These features keep the hands of the player dry for a noticeable time and provide them better control on the ball. This product comes in two different colors. You can choose anyone according to your choice. The pocket has been formed with a 100% wool pad. The padding of this glove is moldable, so it can be shaped easily with your hand.  It has a padded thumb sleeve for added comfort. There are some lace bindings on the hand opening which allows the player better adjustment. This product can be your best companion in the field. You can give it a try.

3. Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove

Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove

The brand Rawlings always provides the best combination of affordability and the best quality. This glove is constructed with high-end materials. 

It doesn’t matter Whether you are a seasoned player, beginner, or a coach, this globe will always be the perfect choice for you at an affordable price.  You can afford it within your budget. It is one of the high-quality outfield gloves available in the market. These gloves come for both hands. You should keep in mind that this glove only works for outfielders. It has deep Pro-H webbing and Rawling pro patterns. 

The glove is made with soft leather which provides the glove a longer life and better performance. Although it is  a budget friendly product there is no lack of quality of the product.

Besides this, this glove provides deer-tanned cowhide palm lining features which increase the comfort while playing and make it usable for an entire game.  This glove is also more durable than any synthetic globe.

The pocket is made with 100% wool pad. The padding of this glove is moldable. This feature helps you to shape the glove with your hand easily. For additional comfort, it has a padded thumb sleeve. The pocket of the glove can also be shaped.  The glove is very attractive for its unique design. After using it, I hope you will fall in love with this product. 

4. Marucci BR450 Series MFGBR125H 12.5 inch Outfield Baseball Glove

The Marucci BR450 baseball can be another great choice for you.  These gloves come in a range of sizes, and colors. The BR450 by Marucci is a great option for both intermediate and expert players. This 12.5 inch Outfield Baseball Glove is a world class outfielders glove. This baseball glove is designed and made by expert manufacturers.

The glove is built  with high-end quality steer hide leather, which offers a quick break when needed without doing any harm to its exceptional structure. Each piece of this model has been constructed maintaining professional grades standards and .is skillfully crafted in such a way so that it can custom fit on every player.

This glove has a very long webbing. A long webbing is very much important for outfielders baseball players. A long webbing offers a lot of opportunity to cover more range and help you to be  able to get to balls you have never been able to get to before. 

The Marucci BR450 has the highest quality internal padding inside each of the glove, for better breathability and ventilation. Besides this, the fabric finger back linings inside  the glove provide extra protection during the defense. All in all, this baseball glove will help you to feel  very well  with unmatched performance with its beauty and performance.

Both left hand  and right hand version are available in the market. This glove is  one of the best utility for baseball players. 

5. Mizuno MVP Prime Outfield Glove

As a baseball outfielder another best choice for you is The Mizuno MVP Prime glove. This is a ideal glove series for players  who wish to own the fields as well as adding a little swagger with a pro-style color pop to their glove! The gloves of this series feature a center pocket design pattern that provides the most exceptional versatile break-in by centering the index finger above the pocket in a unique way.

This glove is made with a bio soft leather by maintaining the highest possible professional standards. The professional design and smooth leather provides it the perfect balance of oil and softness for exceptional feel. It also offers the firm control during playing in the field that serious players demand.

At the same time, the professional design of this product will give you unique style that true players deserves. .

The professional level lace increase the durability of the of the glove. There is also a rich, premium look outlined, embroidered logo which has added an extra dimension in looking. Ultra comfortable padded thumb slot has added extra comfort.

The combination of looks and high end materials makes this  glove stand out.

6. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Outfield Glove

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Outfield Glove has a long-standing reputation as being an incredible value with lots of great glove features.It has been  Made for ballplayers striving to get to the next level. This glove is the outcome of years of dedication and insight of the company’s great researchers. This baseball gloves provides super smoothness and unique performance which  helps a player to do the best in the field.

It features a  PRO H web pattern which provide better breathability and ventilation. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide has very high demand among players who want a breathable baseball glove. At the same time, the long web of the gloves  allows players to look through during making a catch. Players are benefitted from long web since it helps in shielding the eyes of the players from the light/sun.

The open web and deep pocket have made this glove a necessary tools towards the outfielders.  Moreover, top notch lace along with top five percent of the steer hides increases the durability of this glove. 

7. Marucci HTG Outfield Glove

If anyone make a list of baseball glove for outfielders, undoubtedly, The Marucci HTG will be there. It is an A-grade  glove available in the market that is not to be taken lightly.  One of the main reasons of its popularity is that this glove is  almost weightless in the hand. This feature helps  the player to make a full range of motion without adding much effort.

The Marucci HTG baseball glove has been constructed with a premium USA Steerhide shell leather that is Japanese tanned. All this high quality materials provide a game-ready feel with great comfort and fit. The HTG glove series has been used and reviewed by a lot of famous professional players. According to their opinion the USA A-Grade Steerhide shell leather of this glove provides a more game-ready feel with superior durability.

Another reason for its popularity is that each piece is skillfully and individually handcrafted for perfection along with great attention to detail is given by the manufacturer company.

The Marucci HTG also has U.S. tanned lace, Soft cowhide interior linin,  Index finger pad. 

The Marucci HTG offers a  Deep-pocket pattern construction for secure and reliable closure

This glove is highly Recommended for outfielders. Available in left and right-hand throws.

8. Nokona Elite X2 Outfield Glove

Nokona is a famous USA based  leather company well known for its quality product. The company shifted focus to sports equipment in 1932. From then they are making the best quality sport product. Nokona is a reliable name to almost all of the baseball players around the world. Nokona are always determined to produce quality products. The outcome of companies officials and researchers is The Nokona Elite X2 which is constructed with a traditional looking yet A-class dark brown leather. One of the prime reasons for its popularity is  the perfect combination of top quality and high performance.

Nokona Elite X2 Outfield Glove is made with top end kangaroo and steerhide leathers , so that minimal break-in is needed, but the glove has great structure and maintains its shape for a light-weight and game-ready glove. 

A highly durable white, blue, and red stitching of the glove delivers an overall patriotic vibe among the players and the spectators

It is a lightweight baseball glove and highly suitable for players between 8 and 15 years old. It is undoubtedly the best choice for collegiate and high school players who want to get a high performing glove on which they can rely on. 

The glove has a closed web with a full trap which allows players  a full range of hand motion without any obstruction. Since it comes with a perfect combination of beauty and quality materials, without a doubt, it will be durable for over a year. 


We have made this guide for you. We have reviewed here some of  the most quality  products. You can buy any of this product according to your choice and your budget. We have just tried to help you by providing some proper guidelines. You are always welcome to our blog to get buying guides for various kinds of products. Thanks for visiting us. 

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