Privacy Policy

We are from RelyClick, accessible from our website, the privacy of our visitors is one of our main priorities. This document about Privacy Policy contains the types of information that is recorded or collected by Rely Click and how we can use it.

Further, If you have extra query from your quericity or require any other information/tips about our Privacy Policy, please let us know and do not be shy to contact us.

Here all we mentioned in our Privacy Policy  page applies to our online service via website only, and is valid for users to our website with regards to data that they collect or/and share in Rely Click.

That means, It is clear that this policy is not applicable to those data that are collected via other channels or offline than

By using this website, you hereby agree to its terms and consent to our Privacy Policy.

Information we collect

At this time we don’t collect or ask for any personal information. But if in future we need any information from you then of course we will make clear to you why we are asking you to provide your personal info. 

So when you try to contact us via email then we ask for some additional information so that we can reach you with our answer. Such information is your name, message detail, email and other information that a mail protocol sends us systemically. 

We don’t provide any service for that you need to register on the website. So if you found any activities like this then maybe it’s fraud and we hope you will inform us.

How your information be use

The ways we generally use your information are given below:

  • Reply to your email
  • Make analysis on you, how you are using our website 
  • How we can we build a greater user experience design for you
  • Find and focus on the rare community
  • To bring new product schemes or features that are badly needed for a group of users.
  • Maintain the growth level 
  • To upgrade functionality
  • Solving a system a better from your feedback

Log Files

For using log files, RelyClick always follows procedures that are standard. When a user, visit relyclick, this log files log user. And this is the part of the protocol of the network system that is used by the all hosting provider and this belongs to the part of hosting analysis.

What is the information that is on the log file? Simply these data are what browser you are using, your date and time stamp, your ISP (internet service provider), from which webpage you came here and where are you going from there, your unique IP (internet protocol) address, device type, how many time you visited the website, where you putted you clicks etc.

And this information is all collected by protocols that are supporting the internet. We have no option to get a little or more information and these are not personal. But, We can mention the purpose of these data: analyzing recent trends, taking demographic information.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

Relyclick contains no advertising activities now. So we have no advertising partner and no third-party ad services.

[Note: If any website uses third party ad services, those networks use additional information collecting technology like cookies, Javascript etc. Based on data they detect you in any website, based on your interest they show advertisements that are more effective to you. Also they collect the act, what are you doing with the ad for future analysis and create more effective decisions to show you a better ad that you may be interested in. Truely, a website has no opportunity to access or control over these data that are using by third parties.]

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

Among other rights under the CCPA, California consumers own the right to:

1. Make a request to delete personal data that can be any type collected by the website.

2. Make a request to disclose the categories and specific pieces of personal information that our website has collected intentionally or unintentionally about visitors.

3. Make a request to not sell visitors personal information, if any website sells the consumers info.

After making a request, we can take at most a month of time to respond to your request. Please let us know if you are interested to apply any of these mentioned rights.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

As all online users are not familiar with all the data protection rights, they don’t take any action, though they are experiencing something wrong with their data.

So we want to make sure that you are fully aware about all the rights about data protection. Every visitor of relyclick is entitled to the following:

1. Right to access – You can make a request for a copy of your personal information that we have. If it is possible or under our control then we will do this for you and we take no charge for this service the first time.

2. Right to rectification – If you think that any data we collected is inaccurate then you have the right to request to correct that data. It is also applicable to any incomplete data that we declared as completed.

3. Right to erasure – By showing some solid situation you can request to erase your personal data from us, and here of course will be mutual conditions.

4. Right to restrict processing – Users may request to not process some of their personal data, under certain conditions.

5. Right to object to processing – If you find any mistake in processing we make with your personal data, you can request to not.

6. The right to data portability – You can request to send your data to others organizations including directly to you. Condition applicable.

After making a request, we can take at most a month of time to respond to your request. Please let us know if you are interested to apply any of these mentioned rights.

Children’s Information

We are always concerned about adding priority and adding protection for children while they use the internet. We request every guardian, parents, teacher to observe the online activity they make. A simple solution may be participating with them or asking them politely and regularly and verifying their speech checking  manually in the browser.

The does not attempt to collect any personal information from children under the standard age (13). If suddenly you discover such a type of activity then immediately contact us, we are ready to erase. We request you to make a routine check after a fixed interval of time what’s going on, if you have a child.

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