5 Best Baseball Bat For 10 Year Old Player – Review 2023

We’ll examine how to choose the correct baseball bat for your 10 year old player. The goal when selecting a bat for your child is safe. A bat that is too heavy will be difficult for them to play. A long bat will be hard to control and will affect bat speed.

Now, with a few years of team play under their belt, it’s time to fine-tune the bat your player will be utilizing. With that in mind, I have listed 5 of the best baseball bats for 10 year old players for your consideration below.

Most players in the 10 year old age group will do well with a 28-29 inch bat with a -10 drop. Small players will want a shorter and lighter bat.

A bigger player will want a longer and heavier bat. Height and weight differences among players in this age range can vary significantly.

Best Overall

Louisville Slugger 2020 


Best on Budget

Easton FUZE 360-10 

Easton FUZE 360-10 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Best Quality

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro USA Youth Baseball Bat

Let’s Checkout 5 Best Baseball Bat For 10 Year Old Players.

1. Louisville Slugger 2020 USA Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Dynasty SPD
  • It has ST7 amalgam barrel more force on contact
  • This has a tough end top
  • Durable hub1-shot end cap design
  • Adjusted swing weight
  • Standard engineered calfskin hold
  • 2 ⅝ inches barrel
  • Sweet spots for contact hitters
  • Standard synthetic leather grip
  • Excellent pop sound
  • No vibration

It has a hybrid design, VCX connection system, SBC end cap, and premium LS pro comfort grip, this bat has everything that you want to expect from Louisville Slugger in the best baseball bat for 10-year-old in 2020.

One of these unique features is the speed ballistic composite end cap. It allows the bat to give better control to the hitter over the bat. The swing weight is well balanced.

Materials and Size

Well, this bat is an updated version of Louisville Slugger Solo. Louisville bats are mainly made of Aluminum Alloy or Carbon Fiber composite material.

The Dynasty bat is made of aluminum amalgam and is quite lighter. For power on contact hitters, this bat is designed for the junior player or the same categories.

Sizes: 27″/17oz, 28″/18oz, 29″/19oz, 30″/20oz, 31″/21oz, 32″/22oz

Drop: -10


  •  This is very Lightweight
  •  It’s a balanced swing
  •  Big barrel and BBCOR certified
  •  It’s approved by all baseball associations
  •  Perfect for practice and 10 year old kids
  •  This is a 1-year product warranty
  •  It’s a Stiffer and rigid structure
  •  Composite aluminium alloy construction
  •  USA baseball approved.


  • A little bit expensive compared to other bats.
  • This is not for above 10 years old players.

2. Easton FUZE 360-10 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton FUZE 360-10 USA Youth Baseball Bat
  • 100% composite design
  • Launch Comp Barrel Technology
  • DFS carbon handle
  • iSO Barrel-to-Handle CXN
  • Speed end cap
  • Power boost knob
  • Custom lizard skins bat grip
  • Professionally balanced swing weight
  • 2 5/8″ barrel diameter
  • -8oz length to weight Ratio
  • USA baseball stamp of approval
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Brand- USA 2-Piece bat construction

The 2020 EASTON FUZE 360 is made as a 2-piece and crafted out of 100% composite material. Easton incorporates launch the composite barrel technology, which is a barrel layup design that provides an optimized balance point and super-hot sweet spot performance right out of the wrapper.

The DFS Carbon Handle, short for Dynamic Feel System, is built from 95% carbon fiber to create an extra stiff feel. The Easton Fuze 360 also has the iso can, which connects the barrel to the handle with proprietary nitro cell foam, and ultimately isolates the handle from the barrel to give you increased power potential.

Materials and Size

  •   Vendor-Easton
  •   Swing Weight- Balanced
  •   Length to Weight Ratio- (-10)
  •   Baseball Bats- Youth
  •   Deals- Personalization Eligible
  •   Barrel Diameter- 2 3/4″
  •   Approved For – USSSA
  •   Dimensions –  31 x 3 x 3 inches; 3 Pounds
  •   Available Date-  October 22, 2019
  •   Manufacturer Company –  Easton
  •   ASIN Number – B07ZGGMNCK


  •  All of these 2020 bats are good but Easton stands out when you compare them side by side to other bats.
  •  Free Shipping.
  •  Lighter and stiffer composite.
  •  The Cap increases the barrel trampoline and promotes a faster swing.
  •  Soft Knob Technology.
  •  Provide hitters with leverage and power potential.
  •  Reduce vibration and improve comfort for the bottom hand.
  • CLS grip provides the ultimate feel, cushion and tack.


  • Really like the bat but wonder about less durability.
  • The sweet spots and barrels are very big.

3. Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro USA Youth Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro USA Youth Baseball Bat
  • Longitudinal Flex: Re-engineered composite layering.
  • Maintaining vibration reduction qualities.
  • Redesigned Q4 technology features.
  • Larger sweet spot and balanced, faster swing speed.
  • Lightweight end cap creates the faster swing speed.
  • Includes Lizard Skins grip for excellent comfort and tack.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Country of Origin: United States of America.
  • Brand: Rawlings.

Rawlings Quatro Pro 2020 USA bat has the most distance and a lighter, faster swing speed. Introducing the Youth Quatro Pro, this -10 composite model has a more forgiving swing weight for every player in the lineup and features a suspended inner barrel to balance impact and velocity through the area

Materials and Size

  • Séries: Quatro.
  • Material: Composite.
  • Deals: Personalization eligible bundle and save closeout bats used deal of the day.
  • Swing Weight: Balanced.
  • Bat Construction: Two-Piece.
  • Baseball Bats Youth.
  • Barrel Diameter- 2 5/8″.
  • Approved For: USA Bat.
  • Available Date: August 2, 2019.
  • Manufacturer Company: Rawlings Sports.
  • ASIN Number: B07VYZWQ6S.


  • One year warranty with 30 days performance guarantee.
  • Better Durability.
  • Free Shipping cost.
  • Approved For: In AABC, Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, Little League, & Pony.
  • USA Baseball Certification Stamp.
  • 10 lengths to weight ratio.


  • It sounds like a wood bat.
  • The bat is very lightweight.
  • Sounds very weird.
  • Marks easy and chips quickly.

4. Ax Bat 2020 USABat Baseball Bat

Ax Bat 2020 USABat Baseball Bat
  • -10 Length to weight ratio
  • 2,3/4 Inch barrel diameter
  • Two Piece, premium composite construction
  • Charged carbon composite barrel
  • Color: Black | Gold
  • End grid technology reduces negative vibration enhances overall comfort
  • Extreme balanced swing weight
  • New Hyper-Whip composite cap
  • Insane whip through the zone reduce vibration on contact
  • Axe handle is ergonomically designed for better control and comfort, bat speed safety
  • USSSA BPF Certified
  • VCS vibration-cancelling connection piece.

Boasting one of the most balanced and fastest-swing designs in this year’s USA lineup, the 2020 Axe Avenge Bat is about giving youth hitters laser-focused control to consistently attack the zone with confidence and ferocity.

This model is engineered with a 2-piece, Charged Carbon Construction that utilizes a variable-layer composite barrel to maintain its unbelievable swing speed without compromising its level of power on contact.

Materials and Size

  • Series: Avenge
  • Approved for: USSSA
  • Barrel Diameter: 2,3/4”
  • Baseball Bat: Youth
  • Bat Construction: Two piece
  • Bat Type: Baseball
  • Deals: Personalization eligible bundle and save closeout bats.
  • Length to weight ratio: -10
  • Materials: Composite
  • Swing weight: Balanced.
  • Vendor: AXE


  • Most balanced and fastest-swinging speed.
  • Lightning-fast speed and laser-focused control.
  • Two Pieces, Charged carbon construction features as a variable-layer composite barrel FINE-TUNED for speed and power.
  • New Hyper Whip composite cap for more efficient swing.
  • Vibration canceling system for faster speed.
  • End grid technology built into the Axe handle absorbs vibration for smooth swing.
  • Certified for USA bat standard, Approved by USA.


  • Little expensive than other bats.

5. Marucci F5 USSSA Baseball Bat -10

Marucci F5 USSSA Baseball Bat
  • 2, 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -10 Drop
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • USSSA BPF Certification
  • Soft-touch grip improves comfort & better control
  • Full twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multivariable wall design
  • One-piece, All-alloy baseball bat
  • Ring-free barrel technology provides better performance
  • Traditional, consistent feel

Marucci F5 SL baseball bat is one of the famous branded bats. The F5 series bat already took the nation by storm. This bat is constructed by a one-piece aluminum alloy. This bat is delivered a traditional and consistent feel with a balanced swing weight for better control.

Inside this model, Marucci utilizes a multi-variable wall design that creates a massive sweet spot with better durability. They added Ring-free technology for maximum performance.

Materials and Size

  • Barrel Diameter: 2,3/4”
  • Baseball Bat: Youth
  • Bat Construction: One piece
  • Bat Type: Baseball
  • Deals: Personalization eligible bundle and save closeout bats bundle and save.
  • Length to weight ratio: -10
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Swing weight: Balanced. Control.


  • Great Valuable Bat
  • Good control and well Performance
  • Big barrel bat.
  • Loud sound
  • Balanced swing speed.
  • Ring-free technology.
  • High durability.
  • Recommended for ages 7-10.


  • Rumours of denting.
  • No sting dampening ability.


All information that is needed to be known or considered to announce or judge a bat’s worth of buying has been presented before you.

An honest and specialist-approved guideline has also been provided to make the right decision. Now, this is your time to take a step and choose your favorite one.

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