What’s the best infield baseball glove 2023? 6 good size youth gloves

You don’t have to be a professional ballplayer to buy a professional infielder’s glove. If you are just getting into the game, you might not have a ton of money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a glove that will do the job.

For the baseball player in your life, it can be hard to find the best glove to use on the field. There are so many different styles, sizes, and colors to choose from.

I’m breaking down the basics of gloves for you, so you can go in with a little more knowledge and find the best glove for your needs.

We’ve researched and found the best infield baseball gloves you can buy for yourself. We’ve got a range of gloves from all-purpose gloves to highly specialized infielders gloves.

What is an Infield Baseball Glove?

A baseball glove is something that you put on your hand. It’s the only part of your body that protects your hands from injury when you’re batting, catching, or throwing the ball. The glove itself is usually made out of rubber, leather, or synthetic materials.

Of course, baseball gloves come in all shapes and sizes. It depends on the type of position you play, what type of ball you play with and whether you also want a wrist protector.

Which Baseball Gloves Are the Best Infield Gloves? Given all of this, here is a list of the best infield baseball gloves that we’ve found, based on the popularity, usability, and comfort of each glove.

An infield baseball glove helps protect the hand from opposing runners trying to steal on a pitch to the pitcher.

Ideally, it’s a padded glove with a padded end, which can deflect a throw at you to get a tag on the runner before he scores.

If you play shortstop or second base, an infielder should try to keep a wide base to prevent the runner from scoring easily. A thumbhole allows for easier batting grip.

The palm and fingers are a snug fit for a comfortable grip. Most infield gloves come in different sizes so When to Buy an Infield Baseball Glove The glove should fit snug around the player’s hands.

If your hands are bigger, consider the extended glove available for extreme players. An extra flap protects the hand from dirt and splinters.

Comparing the Best Infield Baseball Gloves

Best Overall

Wilson Infield Glove

Wilson A2K 1787 11.75" Infield Baseball Glove

Best on Budget

Wilson A2000 Glove 

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

Best Quality

Wilson A2K Superskin 

Wilson A2K Superskin 12.25 Inch Baseball Glove

Consider these factors when considering which infield glove is right for you. Grip and Colorway The best infield baseball gloves have high-quality uppers that are tight to the palm.

The best infield baseball gloves have finger separation, so there is no scratching. They are durable and there is no tearing or chafing. Rubber does not come loose easily.

The highest grip and best colorways of the best infield baseball gloves are perfect for the beginner. The best product available in the market is given below.

Please go through this list I believe you will find your desired Infield Baseball gloves according to your requirement.

List Of Best Infield Baseball Gloves 2023

1. Wilson A2K 1787 11.75″ Infield Baseball Glove

Wilson A2K 1787 11.75" Infield Baseball Glove
  • Size: 11.75″
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Material: Leather
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand Throw
  • Glove Type: Infield
  • Color: Copper/Blonde

When it arrives at the absolute best baseball glove for infielders, we will have to pick a glove that not only provides quality and quality but can be used in nearly all inferior positions. The Wilson A2K offers the highest quality and performance.

These gloves are not only suitable for the middle infielders since the 11.75-inch model is lightweight enough, but also suitable for a third baseman since it is powerful and big enough.

The pocket shape of the glove is versatile, and the I-Web is ideal for rapid playing around the horn.

One of the best reasons for its sky-high popularity is its consistency and flawlessness. The quality Blonde and Saddle Tan Pro Stock Select leather have been used in this Baseball Glove.

Rolled Dual Welting has been used for long-lasting shape and a quicker break-in.

The Double Palm Construction of this glove provides maximum pocket stability. In addition to everything, Wilson’s Dri-Lex Wrist Lining provides a breathable, lightweight indoor material that is extremely convenient and sweats efficiently.

What we like:

  • Highly useful for Third base, second base, and shortstop position players.
  • For excellent quality, only the best leathers are used.
  • Sweat is eliminated with the Dri-Lex Wrist Lining.

What we don’t like:

  • Available for only Right-hand throws.

2. Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove 

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove
  • Size: Large
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Material: Leather
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand Throw
  • Glove Type: Infield
  • Color: Blonde/Copper

Almost all professional baseball players consider the A2000 infield glove as one of the greatest infield gloves in the world.

Infield Baseball Glove Wilson A2000 1786 11.5″ has been created in such a way so that it can be both durable and comfortable to wear.

The most important construction and glove measurements make it one of the greatest infield baseball gloves in the world.

What makes it so appealing is because it precisely fits into four criteria that most people seek when purchasing something.

The first thing that makes it fascinating is its size. From the web tip to the heel, it measures 11.5 inches. This size glove is preferred by the majority of middle infielders and third basemen.

The glove’s entry is excellent. It has a conventional design that is neither too huge nor too little.

It includes some extra padding in the heel, which is sufficient to make the glove comfortable but not excessive enough to make exchanges difficult.

The padding in the later versions is significantly greater than in previous versions. As a result, it’s an ideal glove for any infielder.

Wilson makes its gloves out of pro stock leather. One of the recognized reasons for the popularity of Wilson’s glove is this leather.

The Pro Stock leather is used on all of their A2000 models. With the design and pocket size, they have also established industry standards for infielder gloves.

What we like:

  • Size is ideal.
  • Durable and reassuring.
  • Black and Blonde Pro Stock Leather, preferred for its rugged durability and unmatched feel.
  • Dual Welting for a durable pocket and long-lasting break-in.
  • Double lacing at the base of the web.
  • Thin heel pad, designed for quicker break-in and better closure.
  • Flat Finger Binding.

What we don’t like:

  • The price range is high (although it’s worth it)

3. Wilson A2K Superskin 12.25 Inch

Wilson A2K Superskin 12.25 Inch Baseball Glove
  • Size: 12.25″
  • Brand: Wilson
  • Material: Leather
  • Hand Orientation: Left
  • Glove Type: First Base
  • Color: Saddle Tan/Brown

We have chosen another product from Wilson and keeping it in third place for its quality.

Wilson’s A2K line produces several of the most popular infield gloves, and with good reason. These infield gloves are designed with quality for excellent performance. 

It has been made out of Wilson’s Pro Stock Leather, which is hand-picked from the top 5% of all leathers received. To achieve the best form and surface, the leathers in the mitt’s pocket are dual welted.

A Double Palm Construction design reinforces this pocket even further. Another layer of resistance is provided by the Double Horizontal Bar Web.

The SuperSkin material, on the other hand, has the strength and durability of typical leather but is half the weight. This improves the glove’s speed and movement without compromising anything else.

The Dri-Lex Wrist Lining feature inside the glove has been used. It does, however, include excellent moisture wicking for increased player comfort.

The Wilson A2K series has been around for a while, but the craftsmen are always looking for ways to improve it.

The 2820 Pattern on this year’s model is based on direct feedback from some of the game’s greatest first basemen. And, unlike prior models, the glove is designed to be game-ready three times faster.

What we like:

  • Open Back Web and three times more shaping to help reduce break-in time.
  • Blonde and Saddle Tan Pro Stock Select Leather, chosen for its consistency and flawlessness.
  • Black SuperSkin, twice as strong as regular leather, but half the weight.
  • Rolled Dual Welting for long-lasting shape and quicker break-in; Double palm construction, providing maximum pocket stability.

What we don’t like:

  • The price range is high (although it’s worth it)

4. Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove 

Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove
  • Size: 11.75″
  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Material: Other
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand Throw
  • Glove Type: Baseball
  • Color: Black Deep III Web

This is one of the most versatile and simple-to-break-in gloves.

Baseball Infield Glove Mizuno MVP Prime Mizuno has chosen a Center Pocket Designed Patterns, which places the pocket under the index finger, improving comfort.

The glove’s leather is silky and has just the right amount of softness and oil.

This glove has excellent grip and control, making it an excellent choice for any serious baseball player.

The thumb slot is equipped with PlusGrip Thumb, which easily slides into the thumb and creates a comfortable pocket.

New wrist logos, high-level lace, and outlined and embroidered logos distinguish it from the previous edition.

It also has a Deep III web and an 11.75-inch length, making it excellent for any infielder. The device comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, allowing you to rest easy in the event of any problems.

One of the features to highlight, according to customer reviews, is that it is a glove with a very nice break-in period.

The glove feels like one of the more luxury gloves you can get your hands on, despite its low price.

What we like:

  • Patterns with a center pocket design that naturally centers the pocket beneath the index finger for the most versatile break-in.
  • Bio Soft Leather: A smooth leather with the optimum blend of oil and softness for the superb feel and firm control that serious players need.
  • PlusGrip Thumb: Padded thumb slot that is extremely comfortable.
  • Professional Level Lace: The same tough lace used on our professional gloves.

5. Rawlings Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves
  • Size 11.5 inch
  • Brand Rawlings
  • Material Leather
  • Hand Orientation Right Hand Throw
  • Glove Type Baseball
  • Color 11.5 inch – Modified Trapeze Web

A youth baseball glove may appear to be a scaled-down version of an adult glove at first glance.

The best youth baseball gloves, on the other hand, are also learning tools that help these young players develop their fundamentals and progress.

The Rawlings Prodigy 11.5-inch baseball glove offers exactly that to young infielders. The Sure Catch mechanism of the Rawlings Prodigy makes it easier to open and close the glove.

This is an excellent tool for teaching young players how to control their glove and close it down on the ball.

The Prodigy has a 3D Palm Lining feature for adding comfort and for teaching new players where to put their hands.

This top infielder’s glove offers palm and index finger cushioning to protect the fingers and palm from the sting of a strong hit or throw.

The leather is a softer Full-Grain Shell that is lightweight, comfortable, and durable. In comparison to other youth infield gloves, it will keep its shape better.

Because of the softer leather, the glove takes less time to break in, so it’s ready to use right away.

The I-Web is a great option for infielders. For very young players or those with small hands, the glove is also available in an 11-inch pattern.

What we like:

  • Provides best designs and quality for infielders and pitchers
  • Best suitable for young players
  • Sure catch design
  • 3 – D palm lining feature for adding comfortability and protection
  • Made from the best quality soft leather

What we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for left-handers.
  • Not suitable for higher levels of play.

6. Nokona Walnut Baseball Glove

Nokona Walnut Baseball Glove
  • Size 11.75-Inch
  • Brand NOKONA
  • Material Leather
  • Right Hand Throw Hand Orientation
  • Glove Color
  • Brown

This P5 appears to be serious and practical. It appears that a player who employs this tactic isn’t wasting his or her time.

It’s 11.75 inches long and has an open H web that’s suitable for all but 1st base infield positions.

The brand is well-known due to its name, which is derived from the name of the town where it was founded.

These are widely regarded as the Nokona’s flagship model. The Bloodline version has undergone some changes.

The glove’s whole shell is made of Nokona’s unique Range Kangaroo Leather.

This makes it one of the hardest and longest-lasting leathers on the market, while also being extremely lightweight, which is essential for an infielder with quick hands.

It also comes with a unique internal padding system. This has been thoughtfully positioned in the glove to protect your hand while also adding to the structure’s stability and durability.

What we like:

  • H Web with Open Back. 
  • Kangaroo Leather Shell – Combines Superior Durability with a Lightweight Feel
  • Recommended for Third Base
  • Bloodline is back – and better than ever. 
  • A pro model glove that is highly structured and extremely lightweight

What we don’t like:

  • Some players feel difficulty while wearing for the first time.
  • Not available for the left hand.


As you can see, there are a few factors to take into consideration when you are buying a glove. First, you should consider your experience and the role you’ll be playing.

A glove that feels a bit heavy is much less likely to move off your hand and transfer movement to your fingers, as well as potentially make your hand slippery.

Also, an excellent glove that doesn’t snugly fit and provides a comfortable, slip-free fit makes it far more likely to catch a line drive and reduce its chance of breaking your hand.

We have selected these products considering all the quality factors. Thank you for going through our guide.

This is not a must-follow guide, we have made this guide for you so that you can choose the right product for yourself in a short period. These are our recommended selections for you. You can buy anyone from our list without giving a second thought.

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