Best Smart Watch For Nurses 2023 -Top 5 Smartwatches For Nurses

Smartwatch, a lovely creation of modern technology and also fashion as well, has been a common gadget in our both indoor and outdoor life.

It has attracted the attention of people from all professions and ages for shortening our retail work and brought many jobs of various instruments in one piece of gear with its an outstretched area of specs.

People of almost all occupations showing their interest in using it including nurses and doctors for its praiseworthy performance in different sectors. 

Though nurses don’t need some special edition of smartwatches, still some unique features can make a smartwatch suitable for a nurse. Options like – medicine reminders,  fitness checks, reminders,  work time alert, taking important notes etc. can make the best smartwatch for nurses. Besides, the additional feature of Android is no need to mention.

A wide range of smartwatches are available in the marketplace and various buying intend sites making the choice quite tough.

Besides, too many specs also bring hesitation to pick up the accurate piece. Moreover, checking up on the huge collection is too time-consuming.

This list is brought up to save your time and toil both. This list of best smartwatches for nurses can be of use to you if you are searching for some suitable, smart-looking, and tough ones in your time of rush.

In doing so, user opinion, expert’s call, and maker’s sayings were considered to make it more reliable for you.

So, let’s get straight out of this preface to our list of Best Smart Watch For Nurses

Best Overall

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Best on Budget

Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Best Quality

Fitbit Versa 2

 Fitbit Versa 2

1.. Apple Watch Series 6

 Apple Watch Series 6
  • Blood oxygen app to check up your oxygen level in the blood.
  • ECG app to measure the heartbeat rate.
  • Li-ion battery to allow 18 hours long battery life.
  • Water-proof.
  • Faster performance.

This gear comes with a 64-bit dual-core S6 processor; which makes it faster than the previous series. 

This series 6 has surpassed all its ancestors in terms of hardware and software both. For example, it has brought an always-on retina display to provide a clearer and better picture with more resolution.

32 GB storage, Bluetooth version 5.0, noise monitoring, compass, fall detection, speaker, always-on altimeter, etc. are available just like the ones of series 5. 

The watch is available in two case sizes – 40 mm and 44 mm with a thickness of 10.4 mm.


  • Brighter vision on your wrist.​​
  • Well-known service as fitness tracker.
  • Nice guidance in GPS tracking.
  • Better gyroscope.


  • The blood oxygen app and ECG app are not for professional medical use.
  • The Waterproofness of the gadget works till the 50 metres depth in water.
  • ​​To use the emergency SOS, the watch must be in the range of a smartphone.
  • Irregular rhythm notification requires the user to be matured and not-specially-diagnosed.

2. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch
  • Pleasant GPS for tracking.
  • International version every country compatibility
  • Mind fetching battery life.
  • Special sleep cycle monitoring through tracker.

Samsung has shown its prevalence in the smartwatch arena just like the other technology sectors. Thus it has acquired a position on this best smartwatch list.

Samsung Galaxy series of smartwatches just brought to you with international version to make them more efficient for people of all-region throughout the world. 

Except for the Bluetooth connection, a mentionable feature is the Samsung Pay NFC to make the transaction easier for you. AMOLED display, Samsung’s special thing, in this watch will soothe your eyes. 

A notable Heart rate monitor will also grab the user’s attention. There are tracking features to observe user activities. This 42 mm watch comes with 4 GB RAM, Li-ion battery with Bluetooth version 802.11b.


  • Wonderful look.​​
  • Fast charging.
  • Efficient for a huge number of smartphones.
  • Special Bezel makes the navigation more friendly.​​


  • Compels to use apps by Samsung.
  • Physical tracker is not for authentic use.
  • ​​Unavailability for messenger and Snapchat apps.
  • Not fully compatible with iPhones.

3. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2
  • Built-in Alexa for making your voice command more efficient.
  • Always-on display keeps the watch always ready on your service.
  • A longer battery life of almost 6 days.
  • Too many premium features like – heath activities record, customized programs according to recorded data, up-to-date health programs.
  • Record health data for up to 7 days.

Fitbit is well known for smartwatches and has already provided some notable pieces.

But this Versa 2 has surpassed all of them and also many ones from other brands as well with it’s extending amount of specs. Like Amazon Alexa provides you innumerable news and information. 

The sleep score feature records your heart rate and physical activities and advises your amount of sleep. Fitbit Pay is available for your transaction for any premium apps or website.

Citable waterproofness till the 50-meter depth of water. The watch comes with a Li-ion battery, internal storage of around 2.5 GB.


  • Good upgrade with lower price.​​
  • Well organized health tracker.
  • Allows 5 customized replies of call or text.


  • Smaller app store.
  • Need to restart after an update if you don’t want to see it slow.
  • Compromised software performance.

4. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch 

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna
  • The USB fast magnetic charger is presented with this for fast charging.
  • Heart rate and fitness tracker are subsistent just like the other good performance smartwatches.
  • Enables you to record your activity during swimming as it has the capacity to work in pressure up to 3 ATM along with being waterproof.
  • Google Wear OS for operating system.
  • The fastest processor of the brand till now.
  • 8 GB storage.

At this position, we have got a popular one by the famous Fossil, Geb 5 Julianna. This one was greatly appreciated by mass people. The smartwatch avails the Wear OS of Google work which makes it fit for both android 6.0+ and iPhones 12.0+

A variety of sensors can serve you in your versatile daily life purpose. Like Optical heart rate recorder; ambient light for optimized use of power and service; GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, the gyroscope will make your adventure more structured.

Microphone, speaker performances are not needed to mention aside. You are getting your time saved at the moment of charging by fast charging.

A processor of Qualcomm snapdragon Wear 3100 makes the performance more enjoyable.

Other basic descriptions of this enormous featured gear are – 44 mm case size, 1 GB RAM, waterproofness up to 50 m, touchscreen, 1 CR2 battery.


  • ​​Works on a good range from the phone.
  • Easy to handle for text, call, email.
  • Permits access to 3rd party apps.
  • Adjustable band.
  • Lightweight


  • Need to set up manually to get the perfect performance for a long-lasting battery.
  • Shorter battery life.
  • Compromised fitness tracker.


  • Special feature – weather forecasting while connected to the phone.
  • Good water resistance of 5 ATM.
  • Can work in -10-degree to 40-degree celsius.
  • Fast charging within approximately 2 hours.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Compatible with smartphones of IOS 9.0+ / Android 4.4+ system.
  • Fitness tracker included.

Letscom has been keeping up its place in the smartwatch market with quite an attainment in recent days. Its ID216 model can be said to be a part of that journey.

It does not miss the features like heart rate and sleep monitoring as usual. Other common specs like sedentary and call-text reminders are also available.

What makes it an exception from the same variety of it is 12 types of sports tracking, which makes a huge difference.

A high-resolution display offers you a better view all day long. A good battery life with a 260 mAh battery with fast charging and reduced power consuming system.

Also, have a good waterproof advantage to ensure you a good swim or, work with water or, in the rain. This watch has a 1.3 inches TFT-LCD round display with a diameter of 47mm with a Lithium Polymer battery.


  • The band is replaceable.​​
  • Bluetooth range is more or less 10 meters.
  • Almost accurate performance by the fitness features.
  • Nice feel in hand with a lightweight


  • Missing GPS running.
  • Absence of blood pressure measuring kit.
  • Losing the connection requires a refresh from the phone.


It should be reminded that any special edition of a smartwatch for any specific profession like nurse or student is not available at any place.

Some features, specs make them perfect, well-impoverished for different jobs. According to features, these smartwatches have been chosen for the nursing profession. So, it can differ from person to person.

The list has been prepared to show almost each and every side and both the positive and negative parts of a gadget to make your choice more visionary. Now it’s your decision to go for the grab and hope this will give a hand in your needs.

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